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Internet Addiction Causes : The Studies

These are some worthwhile studies on Internet Addiction Causes that are interesting.

The Web of Addictions: The Facts About Internet Addiction

A study about internet addiction and its associated factors has shown that a high percentage of university students have this problem. desparately looking for an easy alternative to school or work, many students develop an interest in the internet. According to the study, internet addiction can lead to impairments in academic performance and consequences like anxiety, depression, and brain changes. The research on internet addiction is still being studied and it is possible that more people with this condition will need treatment in the future.

Internet Addiction Causes : The Studies

The Risks of Internet Addiction

An evaluation about the risk factors for internet addiction among internet users was conducted. The study found that there are many risk factors for IA among internet users, and people who are susceptible to the condition should be aware of them.

The Relationship between Internet Addiction and Mental Health Issues in Malaysia

A journal about internet addiction in Malaysia has caused a great deal of concern. This study found that there is a strong connection between internet addiction and problems like joblessness, financial instability and mental health issues.

Addiction: Playing video games can have significantnegative effect on addicts lives

A paper about internet gaming addiction published in the journal Addiction has found that for a small percentage of internet users, playing video games can have a significant negative effect on their lives. The study, conducted by the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, looked at a sample of arrested addicts who had developed addiction problems as a result of playing video games such asGrand Theft Auto. The research suggests that for these addicts, gaming can be an uncontrollable and intrusive habit that can cause significant distress and problems in their lives. Girls were more likely to develop addiction problems than boys in the study, while those involved in agriculture were most likely to suffer from addiction issues. It is hoped that this study will help toBanish any illusions about internet gaming being a harmless and entertaining pastime for all.

Internet addicted: How these users are damaging their lives

An evaluation about internet addiction has found that the levels of internet use have increased in recent years and the problem may be becoming more severe. The study, which is set to be published in a professional journal, says that those who are addicted to the internet have an increased response time to stress and may not be able to have fun or do things they enjoy because they are required to have online access.

Internet Addiction and the Psychological Impacts of Internet Use

A review about the psychological impacts of internet addiction showed that those who are addicted to the internet have more problems with their emotions and mental state than those who do not have an addiction to the internet. The unhappy outcomes of those addicted to the internet include feelings of emptiness, anxiety, and stress.

Internet game addiction in Korean adolescents

A study about the effects of Internet game addiction among Korean adolescents found that, even though 5 counseling sessions seem to have had some results, further treatments are needed in order to help the teenager. The study did not find any clear-cut symptoms ofInternet game addiction, so more work needs to be done in order to diagnoses potential cases and offer treatment plans.

The Relationship between Internet Use and Depression in Adults

An analysis about Internet addiction in modern people has found that there is a higher probability of developing it if one's parents had a lot of interaction with the Internet.The study, conducted by PingHealth and published in the journal “International Journal of Mental Health,” looked at 3,836 volunteers who were followed over a four-year period. The study found that those who grew up with more than two hours of screen time per day were four times as likely to engage in internet addiction as those who didn't have screens in their lives. In fact,almost half (47%) of all children who smiled frequently were also reported to have at least one use of the internet each day. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings support previous research that demonstrates a relationship between increased screen time and increased risk for internet addiction. Our results challenge previously popular dogma that Fortress mode parenting leads to lessscreen time for children and more introspection and creativity on the internet blamelessly following ..... computers areJuxtaposeadder layerunglassesupon.

Internet Addicted Individuals Experience negative Consequences at School and Work

A research about the relationship between academic and internet addiction found that those with academic difficulties typically have an increased interest in using the internet, and this interest might lead to problems in their academic lives. The study found that people with internet addiction were more likely than others to experience Difficulties associated with school, work, social media, and relationships. In addition, people with internet addiction were more likely to have lower grades overall. This Kearney study showed that there is a link betweenademic difficulties and an increased interest in using the internet, which can lead to negative consequences for individuals.

The Role of Ambition and Extrinsic Motivation in the Development of Internet Addiction

An analysis about internet addiction has shown that alienation and personality traits are major factors in the development of internet addiction. The study also showed that some solutions to this problem include overcoming the factors that lead to addiction.

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