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Internet Addiction Scale : The Studies

These are some worthwhile studies on Internet Addiction Scale that are interesting.

The Effects of Internet Addiction on Engineering Students

A research about the degree of Internet addiction in engineering students has been conducted. The study found that a majority of the sample had some kind of addiction to the internet, with a mean score of 4.34. The main aiming was to find out if there is any relationship between addiction and interests in engineering. It seems that those who have an Addiction to the Internet tend to have interests in engineering in general, as well as being more distracted and experienced stress than those who don't have an addiction to the internet.

Internet Addiction Scale : The Studies

The Role of the Internet Addiction Scale in DSM-5

An inquiry about internet addiction, social anxiety and social. found that the total score so obtained was evaluated as follows: 0–30 as no internet addiction, 31–49 as mild internet addiction, 50–79 as moderate internet addiction and 80–100 severe Internet Addiction.

The Korean Schizoid Relationship Scale: Correlates of Internet Addiction

An evaluation about internet addiction found that the KS-scale was shown to be concurrent and valid when used to measure internet addiction in Koreans.

TheEffects of Internet Exposure on Males and Females

A research about the differential psychological impact of internet exposure on students has shown that those who are more exposed to the internet have a lower level of empathy and greater levels of narcissism. The study was conducted by abuse victims’ advocates, and they found that those who were more exposed to the internet had a greater lack of empathy, as well as levels of narcissism that were way above any other variety.

The Role of Internet Addiction in the DSM V Spectrum: A Review

A paper about DSM-V: Internet addiction - American Journal of Psychiatry. In DSM-V, the disorder internet addiction is proposed, which falls within the spectrum of disorders that are mentioned in DSM. This research ... Internet Addiction – DSM V Disorder | Mental Health News. Jun 09, 2007 · The DSM-V offers new trims to the disorder internet addiction that could help sufferers feel more in control and better understand their condition. The changes were made in order to make ….

The Internet Addiction of Adults: A New Symptom

A study about internet addiction has concluded that adults have a strong interest in using the internet and are particularly drawn to online video gaming, social media, and online shopping. The study found that adults with an internet addiction often exhibit...

The University of Prague's Addiction to Cannabis

A study about university students in Prague suggests that many students suffer from an Addiction to Cannabis. The Addiction to Cannabis often leads to Addiction to other drugs as well, such as Alcohol and Opium. University students in Prague often deal with this Addiction by using Drugs on a daily basis.

Video Game Addiction and Mental Illness

An analysis about game addiction concludes that the GAS has Good psychometric properties and is useful for surveying the potential risk for game addiction. The study found that both male and female players were more likely to develop video game addiction if they had prior experience with disordered gaming, as well asGamma Band (a mental illness characterized by excess emotional response to games).

Is the internet an addiction?

A study about the relationship between internet addiction and academic achievement has been conducted. It found that while there is a significant correlation between internet addiction and academic achievement, much work still needs to be done in this area to improve academic outcomes.

The Prevalence and Addictive Behavior of News Addiction in Pakistani Population

A journal about the prevalence of News Addiction in a Pakistani population was undertaken. Results showed that there is a high prevalence of this condition in the Pakistani population, especially among men. The study also found that people who are addicted to the news often feel overwhelmed and stress out due to the heavy exposure to ... News Addiction Scale for Pakistani People | A …. Jun 01, 2021 · News addiction refers To An dopamine release In The brain When someone reads or watches news which they find worrying,.interesting,or satisfying`. It happens when someone becomes too used to seeing breaking news thats constantly on their screens or when they its easy to access information about important events on the internet which can lead to guilt or vulnerability .... Pakistan News Addiction Scale: Normative Findings | study …. Mar 31, 2021 · The current study was undertaken in order toconstructa psychometrically sound measure of news addiction for Pakistani people. The research comprised of three studies.The firststudyfound that 25%of adults reporting Addiction said they were extremely or very helpless over how much noise and chatter consumes their time outside of work .....

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