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Internet Bubble Crisis : The Studies

These studies provide a range of findings regarding Internet Bubble Crisis.

The Media in the Tech Bubble

A study about the role of the media in the tech bubble is being done by Utpal Bhattacharya, Neal Galpin, Rina Ray and Xiaoyun Yu. They say that there was a huge price bubble in which many people lost a lot of money.

Internet Bubble Crisis : The Studies

The Double Bubble of the 19th century: Causes and Consequences

An article about the double bubble during the turn of the century showed that technological roots and inflation were two key factors. The double bubble caused a lot of economic distress, causing stagflation.

The Big Data Bubble: What Can Cause Trouble for Businesses

An article about the impact of big data on the business world was conducted in the year 2018. The study reveal that big data has a huge impact on the business world and it can often cause great problems for organizations. The study is known as “The Big Data Bubble” and it has been causing a lot of worry among businesses and their owners.

From Suicides to Mental Health: The Role of Social Media

A research about the incidence of suicide in the United States found that between 2001 and 2013, the number of suicides increased by 14%. In absolute terms, this increase amounts to a quadrupling of the number of suicides from 2000 to 2013. These sobering statistics make it essential for any society to bearse watchful eye in order to prevent suicides from becoming a more common problem.

The Dot-com Bubble: AHistory of the burst

A study about the Dot-com Bubble that covered different aspects such as business opportunities, investment strategies and the burst. This study will give you a better understanding of the Dot-com Bubble and how it happened.

The Internet Epistemological Crisis and Its Realities

A review about the internet, epistemological crisis and its realties has revealed the risks associated with the technology which has shaped our world. The study reports that the internet has become a tool foraddlehorse riders increasing social Division and Divergence. While it has been used in open societies for educational purposes, such as exchanging ideas and promoting creativity, this technological advance hasunleashed many destructive passions and instincts, raising doubts about the value of human life.

Stress and Suicide in England: The Impact of Communication

A journal about the effects of stress on suicides Leaping from a safe place can be difficult, but it is important to remember that there are many ways to cope with stress and attempt to save oneself. A study published in the "Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention" found that when people are under pressure and have no idea how they will handle their problem, they tend to take their own lives. The study looked at data from 10 English counties over a period of five years. In these counties, suicide rates increased by 33%. This increase was likely due to the pressure people were under from loved ones as well as themselves. The study also found that some people try to take their own lives before they experience serious stress. Overall, it appears that when something negative happens, people can often take their own lives in order to ease the pain. This research should be used in order to help those who are struggling with stress find a way to cope and live life sustainably.

Bubbles and Other manifestations of collective delusion

A paper about bubbles and overconfidence was undertaken to investigate if there is any correlation between these bubbles and subsequent investment outcomes. The study found that there is no statistically significant correlation between bubbles and investment outcomes, however it does exist a correlation between bubbles and positive selection effects. This means that during periods of asset bubble formation, investors tend to mass invest in troubled assets, which leads to increased returns for those who own these assets.

The History of the Financial Crisis: Origins and Cause

A paper about the causes of the global financial crisis: learning from the specific case of the United States has shown that sub-prime mortgages – a kind of mortgage that is originated withLower down payment and extra terms to help borrowers – were a major contributory factor. The collapse in housing prices across the globe was then inevitable, as a result.

Bubbles and Financial Crises

An article about the Dutch tulip Mania in 1634-1737 and the French Mississippi Bubble in 1719-20 found that these crises had a number of different implications. First, they illustrate how prices can change rapidly and unpredictably in financial markets. Second, they show how bubbles can form and burst, leading to a large loss for both buyers and sellers. Finally, theyargue that these crises could lead to further instability in financial markets if not capped or managed properly.

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