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Internet Community Culture : The Studies

Obtaining some solid Internet Community Culture-relevant studies? This is them.

The Effects of Social Networking Sites on Individual and Collective Wellbeing

A study about the effect of social networking on individual and collective wellbeing has been conducted using a virtual community. It was found that individuals who used social networking sites for purposes other than maintaining relationships with friends had betterwellbeing outcomes than those who used the sites strictly for contacts with friends. In addition, the studiedcommunity showed promise as a source of support for collective wellbeing.

Internet Community Culture : The Studies

Aboriginal Women's experiences of non-medical healing in a rural Victorian community

A paper about Aboriginal women's experiences of 'non-medical healing' in a rural Victorian community revealed that many of the women insisted on improving their wellbeing and culture by engaging in the practice. The study found that many of the Aboriginal women felt that they were not receiving the same care and support that they were granted by their own society. The study also found that there was a common interest among the Aboriginal women in seeking better healthcare and more access to knowledge and understanding about health.

The History of Black American Life in the 1920s: A Sociologist’s Perspective

An inquiry about the culture and community of a typically black city in the 1920’s reveals that the residents were segregated along social ranks, with white planters and working class citizens using African Americans as domestic laborers. This process was further perpetuated through school systems that discriminated against African Americans, which led to lower rates of education for the minorities. The vibrant community also harbored Catholic and Methodist Churches as well as an influential jazz band. These three factors helped contribute to a strong sense of togetherness within the racially segregated community.

The Social Impacts of the Internet: A Review

An analysis about the ethical, economic, and political implications of the internet is scarce. This journal aims to fill this gap with papers that discuss the social, ecological, and political implications of technology.

The Impact of Social Media on Cultural Adaptation

An evaluation about the impact of social media on cultural adaptation has been conducted. After arriving in a new country, sojourners often face culture shock until they get used to the lifestyle and customs. For social interaction, social media allows for people to communicate and engage with information that is quickly accessible on the internet. In recent years, social media have become more popular in daily activities than ever before.

Cultural studies in the era of digital media: how books shape our world

A review about how literature reflects upon the meaning and experience of people from different background across cultures is timely and important. The journal International Journal of Cultural Studies has been providing international scholars with excellent literature articles on this topic since it was founded in 2002. The journal hasreceived a good response so far, and faculties across various universities are seeking to include cultural studies in their curriculum. ThisHeard It thru Your Ear: A socially engaged study of the way books shape our world By Joy Sims ivorytrees Press, paperback, 288 pages ISBN 97814722609 47 , eISBN 978147890475 - October 22nd, 2017 In recent years, books have become an important part of people's lives. They've been Read More » Review International Journal of Cultural Studies is a seminal journal whose focus on cultural studies beyond traditional national frameworks and regional biases provides scholars with innovative scholarship that is critically rethinking global cultures. Reviewing articles from IJCSCwould provide readers with aingeview of thought-provoking reads from talented authors from all walks of life who explore ways in which literatureemet harmful or beneficial social experiences both within and outside our owni Nations/countries.

The Influence of BYOD Tools on the Quality of Community-Produced Content

A study about the impact of online tools on community-produced content found thatBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) tools have a significant impact on the amount and quality of community-produced content. Participants in the study who usedBYOD tools reported that they produced more quality community-produced content than participants who used traditional methods, such as using print media or giving speeches to groups. The study found that usingBYOD tools allows people to create more original and diverse content, which in turn leads to a better understanding of how different individuals OPERATE together in real life. By using technology to create and share quality information, BYOD tools are helping communities become more engaged with each other and improve communication and collaboration between them.

The hidden world of Iceland's rich culture

A paper about Iceland's culture: Iceland is a country located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. With an area of just over 10,000 square kilometers, it is also one of the smallest countries in the world. Its population is just over 9 million people and their spoken language is Icelandic. The capital and largest city of Iceland is Reykjavik. Other major cities include Gnesta and Thingvellir. Reykjavik's rich history & culture can be found in its wide array of buildings and neighborhoods, seafood, wine, art, literature, monuments & fossils!

How Does Technology Shape History?

A study about the journal "Technology and Culture" can provide insight into the approaches, research methods, and Trends in History scholarship. The journal is also a valuable resource for professionals and amateur historians alike, as it publishes important work on a wide variety of topics in the history of technology. One of the most notable features of this journal is its national focus, which allows its editor to ensure that each issue provides content that is significant to specialists in various countries. Additionally, "Technology and Culture" is well-respected by its peers for its rigorous standards of review and publication.

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