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Internet Regulation United States : The Studies

These studies on Internet Regulation United States are fascinating and useful to know.

The Effect of Net Neutrality Regulations on Business

A review about the effect of internet regulations on business. As the world’s largest economy, the United States is an important player in global trade. The country has long been accused of censorship and net neutrality, policies that would prevent companies like Facebook and Google from throttling or blocking traffic to their customers, without warning them. strandinternetregulation.

Internet Regulation United States : The Studies

Data privacy and the business case

A study about the impact of data privacy on your business is important and should be done as soon as possible. Protecting your personal information is critical to your business success and can cost you a lot of money in the long run. May 26, 2018 · It’s time for the United States to pass data privacy legislation like Japan has done, which require companies to disclose their role in tracking individuals’ movements and sharing that data with authorities if a law is broken. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), also known as the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Act,” was passed in 1970 as part of the omnibus banking bill. FCRA was designed to protect consumers from unfair credit card practices by requiring financial institutions to disclose their role in sharing credit report information with credit bureaus, such as Experian and TransUnion. However,despite its name,the FCRA did not focus on protecting consumers’ personal information- instead it focused on limiting how much credit agencies could charge banks for access to their rosters of consumers’ files.enactment of the Fair Credit Reporting Act laid down some straightforward rules about how personal credit reports were gathered- companies were required to gatherthirty five thousand checklists of names (.

The Role of Open Access Journals in Scholarly Publishing

A research about open access (OA) in the United States found that although it is difficult to get published in a traditional journal unless one is an academic institution, open access can be an effective way to acquire and share research. This type of research is often less expensive andauthoritative than traditional journals.

Digital Regulation in the European Union - A Comprehensive Guide

An article about digital regulation in the European Union has found that it is a quite complex and ever-changing field, with a number of regulatory measures being put in place to keep the digitalosphere safe.

The FCC's Open Internet Rule Could Impact the Service users

A journal about the FCC's new rule on the open internet has shown that it could have a significant impact on the service users. The FCC's new rule, which took effect on October 14, 2021, requires all providers of technology to offer access to the internet 'open as possible', meaning that providers must make available all ….

The consequences of lack of cybersecurity agreement

An article about the US and China’s global cyberspace policies found that, while both countries have implemented some good practices, their strategies are also inspired by different conceptions of security. China makes cyberSecurity a top priority while the US devotes a more important focus to Identity Protection and National Defense. The study found that, despite their different beliefs on cybersecurity, both countries continue to rely heavily on each other to share information about attacks which has lead to national insecurity. The study also cautioned that the lack of agreement on global cybersecurity approaches could have significant consequences for both countries in the future.

Picking Privacy Policies for Your Business

An article about the US privacy laws reveals that in many aspects, they are very different from those in other countries. For example, the US Federal Trade Commission regulates how much information businesses can collect from their customers, whereas the EU has a data protection law that is much stricter. Furthermore, as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, supermarkets and other merchants are not able to collect data on what products customers purchase or eat, while EU regulatorslegally allow this type of medical data transfer.

Efficiency and Clearance in the EU Medical Device Approval System

An analysis about the EU medical device approval system found that it is very clear and efficient. The approval process usually takes less than 24 hours. There are many channels for exchanging INFORMATION about products, which makes the process more public and easier to understand.

The Top 5 Moments in Artificial Intelligence History

A research about artificial intelligence in the United States has shown that regulation of these technologies is needed to protect both humans and the technology itself. Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now, and there are many different ways that it could be used to harm people. Some researchers have argued that artificial intelligence technology should be heavily regulated in order to protect the public from its potential harms. Others believe that more responsibility should be placed on research institutions rather than companies instead of coding robots with wolfish intentions. Both sides of this debate would like different things accomplished with their ideas- especially as it regards artificial intelligence technologies which could easily harm society as a whole if not used properly. For now, policymakers will continue to debates this complicated topic until something definitive comes out of it.

Shooting trends in the United States and Canada: Ethical implications

A review about the ethical implications of restrictive licensing systems for handguns in the United States and Canada was conducted. Two different licensing systems were surveyed, one that allows for unrestricted buying and giving firearms, and another that restricts handgun ownership to certain individuals or classes of people. The study found that the two systems had different ethical implications. The unrestricted system resulted in a higher number of shootings by individuals who were not supposed to have firearms, while the restricted system resulted in a lower number of shootings by individuals who were supposed to have Firearms.

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