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Internet Utilization Theory : The Studies

You will see that the studies main topic is Internet Utilization Theory.

The Benefits of Online Education for Children

A paper about computer and internet usage in education has shown that this type of use can have a big impact on student learning. This was especially true when it came to monitoring and managing online resources. Findings showed that children who used computers and the internet in their school meals were more likely to finish their lessons than those who did not. This is because they got more out of school and had better skills for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Internet Utilization Theory : The Studies

The Use and Gratifications of the Internet

An inquiry about the use and gratifications of the Internet was conducted. The study found that people use the Internet for many reasons, but one of the most common is to get information and entertainment. People also use the Internet to socialize andto inform themselves about the world around them.

Cities and the Use of Technology

An analysis about university studentsÂ’ attitude towards the use of technology has revealed that many are struggling with how to use this increasingly popular medium. In Jordan, for example, most university students report using the Internet on a regular basis, but few are comfortable discussing its use with others. The study also found that many students feelainsafe online however they encounter challenges when trying to connect to the Net.

The Uses of Internet Technology in Learning

A research about the utilization of internet technology in learning has found that it forms a key aspect in teaching, promoted the implementation of visual data rather than learning and providing an efficient way for students to connect with each other. This study also found that the use of internet technology presents opportunities for educators to improve student engagement and make learning more effective.

The Use of the Internet by Students: A Review

An evaluation about how Internet usage is changing among students revealed that there are many uses for the internet including entertainment, education, and networking. often people use the internet to research information or to make new friends. One of the main gratifications for students is that they can use the internet and other mass media to connect with people from all around the world and learn new information.

The Psychology of the Digital Divide: The Way People Life

A paper about self-efficacy and the psychology of the digital divide found that despite having access to technologies that make day-to-day tasks easier, people reported lower levels of self-efficacy. For example, those who reported high levels of self-efficacy were more likely to take care of their physical environment and maintain a certain level of cleanliness. Additionally, those who reported lower levels of self-efficacy were more likely to use panhandlers or beggars as part of their social networks.

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